An Open Letter to Roland

I know the last time we parted ways it was messy. You wanted me to love you for the crystal clarity of your 16bit/44.1K samples, but I was happier when you were grungier and less sophisticated. I know you tried to meet me halfway, and for a while I was on board during your “Groove box” phase (I know, I can’t look at the pictures either). But let’s face it, you’ve been spinning your wheels since I left you. The last time I cared, you were in that sexy black number with the Super-Saw, but you still had the D-beams. You don’t need all that fake stuff.

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The Build Your Own Clone Classic Overdrive

You Really Can Build Your Own Clone I love guitar effects. Ever since I discovered that blue Teisco in my parents’ attic, I’ve been in love with altering guitar tone. Once upon a time (before I sold all my gear … Continue reading

Akai Drops the Ball on EIE Pro Drivers for OS X Mountain Lion

I love my Akai EIE Pro. It’s a great piece of gear; rugged and dependable. I use it weekly to record my podcast “You Talk Loud” and my musical experiments as well as the music of fellow Austin musicians. Well, at least I used to.

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My Podcast, “You Talk Loud”

A few months back, my friend Hunter Demyen and I recorded a podcast that we went on to call “You Talk Loud” (for reasons that are obvious if you listen to it). It sat in the can for a while, both of us unsure if we wanted to make a commitment and do something with it.

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Despot – Live at Emo’s East (10/28/2011)

On Friday October 28th, I went to see Das Racist with Despot and Danny Brown at Emo’s East in Austin. As is becoming the usual practice for me, I took along my recorder and taped the show. The whole night was fantastic, with a great vibe and lots of energy.

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Back in Business with My Firestudio Mobile

Return to Base My Presonus Firestudio Mobile arrived yesterday after being sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. For the year that I’ve owned it, the unit has made occasional pops and clicks on the S/PDIF channels and occasionally drops MIDI … Continue reading

Hello World

Welcome to the new home for my creative output. I’ve redesigned this site to be focused on my audio work and my thoughts on recording. The last site was too general and unfocused, so now its main purpose is to release my recordings and showcase my development as an artist and engineer.

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