EIE Pro Drivers Not Yet Available for macOS Sierra

Despite the fact that macOS Sierra was in beta testing for months, AKAI has once again failed to produce drivers and have remained silent on when or if drivers will be made. So we (EIE Pro owners) have to wait on updating our production machines.

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AKAI Fails to Supply EIE Pro Drivers for OS X El Capitan… Again

Another OS X update has come out and once again AKAI has failed to deliver EIE Pro drivers. I’ve gone through this not just once, but twice. Luckily, Yosemite had a workaround that I was able to get working, but … Continue reading

Hey, Akai! Where’s the EIE Pro Driver for OS X Mavericks?

Last year, when Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, I posted about it. It took 2 weeks for them to get compatible drivers released. This year, with the release of OS X Mavericks, they’ve done it again.

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Akai Drops the Ball on EIE Pro Drivers for OS X Mountain Lion

I love my Akai EIE Pro. It’s a great piece of gear; rugged and dependable. I use it weekly to record my podcast “You Talk Loud” and my musical experiments as well as the music of fellow Austin musicians. Well, at least I used to.

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My Podcast, “You Talk Loud”

A few months back, my friend Hunter Demyen and I recorded a podcast that we went on to call “You Talk Loud” (for reasons that are obvious if you listen to it). It sat in the can for a while, both of us unsure if we wanted to make a commitment and do something with it.

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Back in Business with My Firestudio Mobile

Return to Base My Presonus Firestudio Mobile arrived yesterday after being sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. For the year that I’ve owned it, the unit has made occasional pops and clicks on the S/PDIF channels and occasionally drops MIDI … Continue reading

Hello World

Welcome to the new home for my creative output. I’ve redesigned this site to be focused on my audio work and my thoughts on recording. The last site was too general and unfocused, so now its main purpose is to release my recordings and showcase my development as an artist and engineer.

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