From Austin to Los Angeles

Hello, from sunny Van Nuys, California! I moved from Austin to Los Angeles on June 2nd and I couldn’t be happier.

Things change. That’s just how it is. When I moved to Austin in 2002, things were very different. Austin was a much smaller town and I relished the slower pace after spending my life in hectic Los Angeles.

While I love Austin and will always love it, the reasons for being there slowly became fewer and fewer. The rents went up, the small businesses went down, and and Austin gained 2 million people. Slowly, but surely, the Austin I moved to became “LA Junior” without all the perks of actual LA.

So when an apartment in Van Nuys came up that was comparable in rent to Austin, we jumped at the chance to move. We packed our stuff into a U-Haul, loaded our car on a trailer, and made the 1400 mile trek back home.

To pay the bills, I now perform technical services in addition to audio services. Because let’s face it, more people need their laptop repaired than they need a song recorded. I enjoy the work much more than my old office job and it gives me more time to create. In fact the city in general and our neighborhood in particular has breathed new life into me, creatively speaking. I’m inspired, I’m productive, and I have a plan for the future.

One of those plans is the formation of my first business. I won’t go into details just yet, but it will be a partnership with my special lady friend and will combine all our talents into one company. We’re both very excited about the future.

Check back soon for more news. This site is part of my plans and I intend to focus more on it. Happy creating!

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