EIE Pro Drivers Not Yet Available for macOS Sierra

Repeat Offender

On September 20th, Apple released Sierra, the new version of OS X (now renamed macOS). Despite the fact that beta versions of Sierra have been available for months, AKAI has failed to produce EIE Pro drivers for macOS Sierra and have remained silent on when or if drivers will be made. So we (EIE Pro owners) have to wait on updating our production machines.

Like any dutiful producer, I’m very conservative when it comes to upgrading my OS. But this time, there are many features I’m excited for. SIRI on the Mac, messages, and other improvements that work with iOS 10. Outdated hardware drivers keep me from updating either operating system, as they are so tightly integrated.

This has happened with every new Apple release since the EIE Pro came out and I’m beginning to think that Sierra is the last supported release (if they release EIE Pro drivers for Sierra at all). I would appreciate warning if that’s the case, but judging by their nonexistent customer support, I don’t expect it.

I haven’t replaced this box like I hoped, but that’s now a priority. It’s a shame, because I really like the EIE Pro. I’m still looking for an appropriate replacement. I’m leaning toward a Focusrite box (as I mentioned in a previous post), but I’ve read they have their own issues. If you have a suggestion, let me know in the comments.

I feel that if a company isn’t interested in supporting it’s computer connected products with updated drivers, it should “set them free” by making them open source so the community can maintain them. But I fear that’s not AKAI’s style. They have our money and now they don’t care.

As always, you can find the driver page where they will be available, if they become available, here.

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