Hello World

A Fresh Start

Welcome to the new home for my creative output. I’ve redesigned this site to be focused on my audio work and my thoughts on recording. The last site was too general and unfocused, so now its main purpose is to release my recordings and showcase my development as an artist and engineer.

Though there’s a blog on this site, I’m only updating it with news about my progress in recording, performances I attend or conduct, reviews of musical and audio gear, and recorded material I release. For my more personal thoughts, you can follow me on Twitter or Tumblr.

A New Platform

I recently bought a Macbook Pro and I’m making the switch from Windows 7 to OS X . While at first it seemed like it would take some getting used to, I’ve found that I love OS X and I’m rapidly losing patience for Window 7.

The purpose behind the Mac purchase is that I’ve finally given in and accepted that Apple owns the audio industry. And while working in Ableton Live on my windows desktop is fine and good, if I ever hope to work with other musicians and studios, I need to learn the industry tools. That means OS X, Pro Tools, and Logic.

I didn’t see the point in throwing the baby out with the bath water, so instead of selling my desktop, I bought a MacBook. This gives me the added bonus of making my recording rig mobile and gives me more to options than were available on just the desktop. However, I predict that it’s only a matter of time before I sell my PC and buy a Mac desktop.

Some Old Business

I’ve completed the digitization of over 30 cassettes that make up the bulk of my recording catalog. Some tapes have been lost to the ages, but not too many and they probably weren’t that important.

My songs span variety of genres ranging from rock to electronic to ambient and noise. Most of these tapes were made in the mid to late ’90s, when I was at a sort of creative crest.

With the gear and technology I have now, I’m capable of cleaning, restoring and remastering these recordings, making them sound the best they can. All of this material will be released on this site.

Selling Out

The last addition to my site is a store in the form of a Bandcamp page. You can get to it buy clicking “Store” in the menu bar. Bandcamp is a way for me to accept payment for my songs. I’ve set the pricing model as “pay what you want”. This is the same model Radiohead used for “In Rainbows”. You can enter any price you want in the payment field and I’ll get paid directly. Since I make MP3s of my tracks available here, the store is a way for you to get higher quality FLAC files and make a donation.

Thanks for visiting (and reading all this), stick around for more releases.

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